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What I do

I co-extracted the Spine Model sensemaking framework for human work systems:

I help formulate the needs of an existing system.
I elicit the values in use within that system.
I teach the principles of how the work, works.
I embed the practices that makes those principles real.
I advise on how to choose the best tools to satisfy the needs.

A full-stack coach, if you will.


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I am known as a good guy to have a conversation with. This might just be what you need.



Danie has a very special ability for connecting with humans and teams of humans, and helping them grow. His skills range from facilitation to coaching, advising to sparring, teaching to mentoring. I highly recommend him and hope to work with him many more times in future.
— Cliff Hazell
I am happy to recommend Danie as a change agent to anyone who is in need of someone to challenge the status quo, provide insights, teach people how awesome they are, introduce possibilities and make fundamental improvements to architecture.
— Wynand Rabe
I got to know Danie a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve employed his services a number of times to facilitate strategic retreats in my own company with great effect. I’ve also collaborated with him to provide strategic consulting to clients. Danie is a talented facilitator and speaker who draws on many areas of knowledge for his inspiration.

Moreover he is the co-creator of the awesome Spine Model that we use in consulting with our own clients. I recommend Danie highly and would use his services again.
— Peter Hundermark
I have worked with Danie on a number of occasions and his by-line “Interested in being Interested” sums him up so well. He has a passion for people, wanting to deeply understand what makes them tick and thereby help them to become better human beings. His range of interests is vast and varied, and with this and his ability to see beneath the surface of things, he is able to help those he works with move beyond the usual to discover things about themselves and the way they work to new levels.
— Ilka Dunne



My strong belief is this:

All people are always awesome, in all ways. And always.

The people are fine. The systems they exist in are sometimes broken. I show the awesome people how to improve the system.

I do this in a number of ways: Keynote speaking, group facilitation and embedding myself into a team.


Some of my Presentations

About Me


I am an independent consultant. During more than a decade of doing agile I have seen both good and bad expressions of it.

This has left me with a need to understand the difference that makes the difference.

Using this experience I have helped teams as small as 3 people and teams as big as 50 to get to grips with the Why and How of value creation.