An accomplished speaker, known for engaging and lifting the audience.


"Uncanny Construction of Meaning"

This keynote speaks to how people make meaning and gives tools and tips on how to do that better, consciously.

Team Formation and re-formation

A longer explanation of this is on the Team Bootstrap Service Page.

Using a "Bootstrap" metaphor I help newly formed teams to come to grips with each other.

Teams that have been together for a long time and who needs a re-injection of energy also benefits from this service.


I am an effective personal, team and cross-team coach.

Technical Coaching

I embed myself in a team for a fixed period, actively pairing with team members and modelling for them how to write better software by thinking about things clearly.

Organisational Coaching

I help organisations shape the value stream in such a way that their teams make sense.



Strategic retreats that I lead help people connect to the Why of any planned endeavour.

Large Group

Using the "unconference" format, I help large groups set effective frames for getting to the outcomes that the group wants.