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Controlling the parameters

There are two ways to enjoy tea. None of them involves a teabag — I am a tea snob now.

The one way is to treat it scientifically: Take a new tea and find its parameters. To "dial it in": Tea of 4g, water at 80°C, 120ml water. First infusion: 30 seconds. Add 10 seconds for every extra infusion.

The allure of controlling all the variables and getting the best repeatable outcome is strong in me.

The other way is to calibrate your sensing of the tea: To learn what 80-ish degrees feels like from the steam. To smell the leaves and develop a memory bank for which compounds are present. Combining these two senses, to then feel your way through the tea.

Without any parameters.
This deeply messes with my need for consistency.

Anyway, I am a tea snob now.