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Declaring Crocker's rules

We want to be nice. "Being nice" is the expected way to interact with people.

I do not enjoy nice interactions. I especially do not enjoy interactions where another is constantly second-guessing what they are saying to me, in the name and frame of "being nice".

Interactions that reveal what is truly going on for another person: Those I enjoy.

I want to give people permission to stop being nice to me. It means this: I will take full responsibility for how I react to anything anyone else says about me, and to me.

It is my task to do so. Please don't be nice, and take my task away from me.

So I declare "Crocker's rules": I commit to handling my emotional state, and myself, when receiving any information.

I also declare this: That I, will continue being nice to others.

My rules for me: Your rules, for you.