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Fairness cup

Gongfu tea brewing is done with lots of leaves stuffed into a small amount of water for less than a minute.

Then you get the tea off the water into a cup to enjoy. If the water is left on the leaves too long it overbrews and gets bitter.

Pouring into more than one teacup you have a challenge: If you pour into one and then the other the tea will be of different strengths. The first will be weaker and the last stronger.

Traditionally this is solved with skill: Keep on pouring while moving between the tea cups, while keeping all the tea in cups and not staying on one cup too long.

It is also solved by using a "Fairness Cup".: Pouring the tea into a bigger cup and from there distributing it to the other cups.

Skill is not always the most elegant to solve a problem: Sometimes it requires a change to the process.