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Hold thumbs

"Hold thumbs for me" is a request for luck in German-speaking countries and South Africa.

As a small child, my dad made this request of me before he headed out for the day.

And I did. The whole day.

To hold thumbs means to put your thumb in the palm of your hand, then close your fingers over it. The tighter you hold, the more luck you squeeze out - is what I believed on that day.

That day that I walked around without the use of my hands.

My fists stayed tightly clenched, squeezing out luck as much as I can.

My biggest accomplishment for the day was getting a cookie out of a jar and into my mouth. Juggling it between my palms.

Not all requests are thought through.
Not all requests are understood.

When you know that what you are requesting cannot be understood, don't make that request.