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Slomo finds his bliss

On a boardwalk in San Diego, a man skates there every day for at least 4 hours. Using graceful, slow movements: They call him Slomo.

In 2014, he was interviewed and he explains it like this: That he reached a point in his life where he realised his material gain far exceeded his spiritual experience in this world.

So he quit his materially successful life and chose the one thing that brings him great pleasure: Skating.

And I watched this interview and applauded him for his courage. I was happy for him - Slomo, found his bliss.

Then I learned he has been doing it for 15 years at that time.
And then I had this unbidden thought: Go do something with your life!

That's the moment I learned that I have a belief: That you can have your bliss, but only for a short time. Then you must go be useful again.

This is not a useful belief. I am slowly, letting go of it.