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Start and stop with the nervous system

Our nervous system is made up of two systems:

  • A go system.
  • And a stop system.

Like a car, the "go" can be fully activated. And the "stop" not.
Or, the "go" just a little bit, with the foot hovering over the "stop".
And the clincher: The "stop" system can be fully activated. With the "go" going flat out.

That is a car spinning and burning rubber. And a me in deep confusion.

They exist independently from each other. In one you.

I use this learning, to check what needs to be acknowledged right now:

  • Do I need more go-energy?
  • Do I have too much stop-energy? What is that about?
  • Am I too activated on both to make any kind of sense?

Checking in, simply. Learning where my systems are at. That is what navigating safely feels like.