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The moral of the story

The Goldilocks story is known for the Goldilocks principle: That there is a just-right. Not too much, not too little - just right.

A moral that thrived because of the effective use of the "rule of three".

When the story is stripped of that repetitive pattern, what is left is this: A flagrant disregard for other's property. A trusting family taken advantage of.

And a moral shoehorned onto a too cold bowl of porridge: The just-right bowl should be the Mama bear bowl, not Baby bear's.

Going back to earlier versions of the story the moral fits the events: In those versions, the intruder (either a witch or a fox) gets punished. Versions after that had a girl civilising the bears.

The moral of the story shifts depending on who tells the story.
That is the moral, of my story.