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The narcissism of fixing

Listen, past-self: When people are involved, you cannot fix anything.

To fix, requires having true knowledge of what is broken coupled with the skills to fix that.

That requires knowing each part and deconstructing until you find the broken part. It is a skilled human subjugating the world and changing it in ways that suit them. "Fixed" is ultimately a follow-up judgement a human makes, after judging something to be "fixable".

This only works in the deterministic physical world: You can fix a car. You can fix a broken tooth. You can fix yourself a drink.

It takes a whole heap of narcissism to think that you can take apart a person or relationship. It takes a special kind of narcissism to decide that another human is fixable. And by implication, broken.

Also, current-self: You are attempting to fix future-self. How is that working out for you?