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The ping-pong connection contract

Years back when people still emailed each other an anonymous email list was created. A list where you stayed unknown.

It was called the "ping" list. You sent an email to it with the word "ping". Then several people would reply "pong". That was it. The whole contract.

With every ping and every pong, a connection was made. A validation that your action in this world was noticed, responded to.

If you had more energy, you could "ping" and then write a bit more about your mental state. Kind strangers would reply with words. Words that were hands outstretched, saying "you are seen".

I ping people to this day. A four-letter word. Saying "you are seen, nothing is required of you. No need to find a meme to answer my meme. No need to type a reply. Four letters back, when you have the energy".

With some, this is the only communication for months.
Sometimes I ping, sometimes they ping.