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The Pomodoro Technique pact

The Pomodoro Technique is from the late '80s. There are six steps to the technique but only one pact - and that pact is with your unconscious.

It is a pact that promises:

For 25 minutes, we are choosing what we are doing. We will do that, and only that. We will go heads down and trust that the world can take care of itself for this fixed time. Any interruption either internal or external we will note down.

Then this I promise: At the end of 25 minutes, we will stop. We will go heads up and we will attend to the list of interruptions. Then we will attend to the world.

It is a pact of certainty.

If you keep on holding to this pact and strictly work for exactly 25 minutes: The unconscious will start trusting you, and you will have uninterrupted blocks of focussed time.