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"I'm Lovin It"

One morning I stopped for a takeaway coffee.

Driving away I turned into a lane with green trees.
Blue sky.
The yellow sun is out.
Birds are singing.

And I'm thinking to myself, coffee on the dashboard, in my face. I am thinking: "I'm lovin it". Then I start humming "I'm lovin it".

... and I learn in that moment: That the commercial, consumerism engine had me.

That was not my thought. That was the thought I was taught to think, by a fast-food chain TV jingle. The green trees, blue sky, the yellow sun. Those were not my enjoyments.

Life is more than just green, blue, and yellow. We are reduced to bland boxes with easy labels, so that we can be categorised. Minimised. Reduced.

Life is richer than that. Labels are always insufficient to describe the fullness of our experiences.

Living by labels, I'm not Lovin It.