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Reading in buckets

I read as I want to live my life: In three buckets, each bucket satisfying a different outcome:

The first bucket is popcorn. Popcorn, as Terry Pratchett points out: Has no nutritional value, I cannot quite articulate why it is good, and I want to consume more of it.

The second bucket is more-of-what-I-know. It is a book in a field of expertise, that offers a different angle or a different take. A book I scan-read through, finding new nuggets to add to my store.

The third bucket is the great books. The books that are greater than me. They require a pen and paper, quiet time, space, and high energy to make sense of.

A good life is when I don't have too much from the first bucket, enough of the second, and always one or two from the third bucket that I am digesting.